The Impact of Supply Chain Integration on Performance


The impact of supply chain integration on performance: A contingency and configuration approach

An ongoing debate in supply chain management is about the degree to which companies should collaborate with their supply chain partners. In business and research the concept is called supply chain integration and may also be a useful strategy for reducing certain risks. And of course it is an often used strategy in supply chain management in general
Analyzing the effect of supply chain integration on performance therefore is an important issue in SCM research.

Merger Success and Supply Chain Integration


Supply Chain Integration: The Key to Merger Success

What are the major obstacles to a successful merger? Today I’ll have a look at the 2003 article by Langabeer and Seifert. The authors argue that supply chain integration plays a major role before, during and after the merger.

Supply Chain Integration as major Value Driver


Arcs of integration: an international study of supply chain strategies

“Arcs of integration” is a concept developed by Frohlich and Westrook (2001) which describes the degree of integration of suppliers and customers within a Supply Chain.

The wider the arc the further the integration activities go.
Arcs of Supply Chain Integ
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