Relative Improvements of Supply Chain Redesign Strategies


Quantifying the relative improvements of redesign strategies in a P.C. supply chain

The Bullwhip Effect was first discovered and analyzed in the 1950s. It triggered more intense research on the supply chain system (even though the term supply chain was not yet coined).
Starting in the early 1980s, this research finally lead to significant changes in real supply chains as well.
This article does a follow up on these developments and evaluates the relative improvements of each of the strategic stages.

Current Evolution of Supply Chain Management


How are we doing - A Survey of Supply Chain Progress

One very important part of supply chain management research is the historical analysis of supply chain practices and properties over time. Just recently I published an article on the development of supply chain strategies over the course of 20 years.

Analysis of Logistics Strategies from 1990 to 2008


A Longitudinal Study of Logistics Strategy: 1990-2008

Do supply chain strategies evolve over time? Are there the same strategic options nowadays compared to 20 years ago?
Since at least the meaning of the term logistics has evolved during the last 20 years, especially due to the emergence of supply chain management, logistics and supply chain management are used interchangeable in this article.

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