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Currency Risks - This Week in Supply Chain Management (26+27 / 2012)

I used the last two weeks to do a short bike trip, visiting my in-laws. From northern Germany (Bremen) to the middle (Fulda): 455km in three and a half days. My route contained virtually no ascents (beside the last 10km), but the distance was still quite demanding.
So last weekend was mostly about recovery and I have the pleasure to read through all the articles from the last two weeks. The best of which are listed below.

Alternate Scenario Planning

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Alternate Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning has been around for some time now. By some companies it is seen as a core tool to assess a risky future and support strategic planning. Up to now I only mentioned it briefly in a few articles

In 1977 Vanston et al. were one of the first authors to document a complete scenario planning methodology.

Insurance Pro and Con - This Week in Supply Chain Management (25 / 2012)

My hard drive just crashed. Well, one of two I use to store all a my private media. The disks were arranged as RAID 0. And the 0 already indicates that there is zero redundancy. So the data is gone.

Negative Default Dependencies in Supplier Networks

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Negative default dependence in supplier networks

If people talk about disruptions and network effects within the supply chain, the associations are most often negative.

The picture of an automotive/just-in-time supply chain comes to mind, where a small screw from a distant supplier did not get delivered in time and all production processes within the whole network suddenly come to an involuntary halt.

But on the other hand there are companies profiting from these smaller and larger disruptions: competition.

Real Options and Child Labor - This Week in Supply Chain Management (24 / 2012)

This was a slow first week, after my vacation. I am still waiting for some feedback on my dissertation. Regarding my job-hunt: I sent applications to several interesting companies and now I am looking forward to their feedback.

The following articles I found worth reading this week.