Real Options and Child Labor - This Week in Supply Chain Management (24 / 2012)

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This was a slow first week, after my vacation. I am still waiting for some feedback on my dissertation. Regarding my job-hunt: I sent applications to several interesting companies and now I am looking forward to their feedback.

The following articles I found worth reading this week.

  • Short summary, with some impressions of the NOFOMA 2012 logistics conference. (Interorganisational)
  • Scott Byrnes describes his impressions of the Gartner Supply Chain Conference in Palm Desert, CA, citing resilience as one of the major topics this year. (Supply Chain Visibility)
  • The Guardian has an article this week on child labor in supply chains. Concluding that: “Eliminating child labour and improving conditions within our supply chains must be a collaborative process with all stakeholders taking on responsibility”. (Guardian)
  • Andreas from SCM research writes about “Real options in supply chain management”, highlighting a study which shows potential advantages of real-option-models. Another article on this topic can be found here in the blog. (SCM Research)

I hope enjoy your weekend.

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