Sanjay Jain

Alternatives for Developing Supply Chain Simulation Capabilities


Tradeoffs in building a Generic Supply Chain Simulation Capability

Today I would like to talk about a non-essential, but helpful part of supply chain management: Simulation.
Simulation can be used in a supply chain setting on many different levels. On a strategic level there are models to analyze scenarios for the optimal locations of one’s factory, on a tactical level inventory management and distribution policies are treated and on the operations side route-optimization is a generally used. Of course there are also non-simulation models for these tasks, but this article is not about the pros and cons of that.

Case Study: Stress Testing Supply Chains


Stress Testing a Supply Chain Using Simulation

Stress tests are an acknowledged method to test systems under extreme conditions. The method is not only used in engineering (eg. Great picture of a Boing wing stress test (Guardian Eyewitness)), but also in business, most notably and in the banking industry. But can this method also be used to test supply chain designs?

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