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Relative Improvements of Supply Chain Redesign Strategies

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Quantifying the relative improvements of redesign strategies in a P.C. supply chain

The Bullwhip Effect was first discovered and analyzed in the 1950s. It triggered more intense research on the supply chain system (even though the term supply chain was not yet coined).
Starting in the early 1980s, this research finally lead to significant changes in real supply chains as well.
This article does a follow up on these developments and evaluates the relative improvements of each of the strategic stages.

h5. Supply chain redesign process

Supply Chain Simulation and the Bullwhip Effect

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Industrial Dynamics Simulation Models in the Design of Supply Chains

I already reviewed some articles by Denis Towill primarily because he does some interesting research on simulation and supply chains, but also because I like his clear style in his articles.

In one of his early papers (1992) he teamed up with Naim and Wikner and described state of the art strategies to fight the bullwhip effect or as it is called in the paper by its older name: Industrial Dynamics.

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