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How relevant are Business Sciences to managerial Practice?

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How relevant is OM research to managerial practice?

There are only very few studies, which investigate the impact of research in business has on the actual research field.

In other fields the impact is easily seen. Without research there would be no modern medicine, without research there would be no buildings rising 800m and more.

But where would business be without research in the business and economics sciences?

Job dissatisfaction and supply chain risk

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An analysis of job dissatisfaction and turnover to reduce global supply chain risk: Evidence from China

Jiang et al. (2009) wrote about job dissatisfaction of workers at suppliers in developing countries.

h5. Goal & Methodology

The goal of the study was to analyze risk in a global supply chain, especially originating from labor dissatisfaction and turnover. The results were obtained using a survey of workers in the Chinese Pearl River Delta region. The methodology is presented precisely and comprehensively.

h5. Risks & Mitigation

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